Marjorie Gardens Mysteries
A Digital Age Cozy
Marjorie Gardens Mysteries is an original Digital Age Cozy. This means all the novels make for a more adventurous cozy mystery series with technology and online features to create the defined Digital Age Cozy. Learn More...

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Defense attorney Isis Ferrelli longs to rid herself of clients associated with her estranged family members. Her blog My Thug is her reprieve, and she soon uncovers the site's All-Star team of amateur sleuths are none other than the kind residents of Point Shirley.

As Marjorie Gardens, Isis uses her blog and followers to bring the guilty to justice. Offline, she must choose either to retain her sparkling career at Boston's McCarter & French (with interference from Uncle Lou) or betray her mob relatives and clients, by which she risks unmasking Marjorie Gardens to her neighbors.

I re-opened the web browser for My Thug, and a notice rose in the middle of the screen:

03/13/2014 14:28 New Message from ModuCode Killer.

"You're kidding me." I clicked on the tab and opened it. 

Message from ModuCode Killer: "Let's talk."

"Who are you?" I typed a reply and sent it.
My instincts told me the key to solving Norman Kane's murder was buried in whatever secrets circled his QR software. And, now, to be approached by someone with the username "ModuCode Killer" was anything but inconsequential.

03/13/2014 15:31 New Message from ModuCode Killer. 

I took a sharp breath and swung my gaze to the list of members. ModuCode Killer was online. I clicked on the notice and read.

Message from ModuCode Killer: "Start live chat and I'll tell you." 

My mind grew crowded with dreadful thoughts. Did Uncle Lou discover I was Marjorie Gardens? How did he learn about the website and me? Ren did tell me Uncle Lou hired the best hackers.

Maybe he was getting closer to finding me and my sanctuary.