Marjorie Gardens keeps her internet fan base enthralled with crimes and murder mysteries, most from real cases with a flair of fiction to protect those involved. Anyone can come up with obvious suspects. But MG's online community tends to draw its own conclusions.

Marjorie Gardens, Defense Attorney (retired)
Hi, I'm Marjorie Gardens- Welcome to

I'm a seasoned attorney, retired early, and I share my knowledge and life's work. I enjoy reading my members' engaging discussions and debates. It's fulfilling to know this blog (*ahem* and my skills, of course) bring ordinary people to think judiciously. provides statutes, legal precedence, and actual courtroom charges to juries to educate my private collection of wannabe jurors. It's interesting to note how some people view the handling of cases, both from the state and defense's sides.

Every now and then, my most loyal members pick up on something even I missed!

Good Book Sally: Deidre Mason is my voice of reason. Her innateness for solving mysteries makes her not only an invaluable "thugger" but also an irreplaceable consulting investigator.

Under the Hood: Jedemiah Briggs is normally... yes, under the hood of a junk car restoration when he's not online that is. Online and off, he can be found "shooting" the breeze with fellow gun enthusiast, Raymond Lockhart.

Perennial PI: Raymond Lockhart is a retired private attorney who lives next door to Jed. Those two have a fever for firearms. The information they provide in their posts have often come to my rescue during late night research.

Drivez Da Linux: Lee Canfield has a voraciousness for all things virtual. I was honored to have Point Shirley's own IT guru come to my assistance with a little network reroutes, IP masks, and VoIP lines to hide my location from unwanted attention.

ModuCode Killer: [identity unknown] This mysterious gentleman called upon me recently, totally out-of-the-blue. He not only caught me off my game, but also jeopardized my first major investigation. He knew more than he was telling online. The impression he left me was enough to realize I never wanted to meet him in person.


So that's it for introductions to the most notable "thuggers" you'll come across on this site.

Meanwhile, care to take a "stab" at one of the cases? ;-D Then mosey on over to the Blog section of this site. I promise, solutions to murder and miscarriage of justice await.

Arrivederci and until next time!


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