April 18, 2014


Norman Kane was a well-liked RN at Mercy County Hospital. Male nurses rose above politics and social stigmatism with good humor, and climbed the rose lattice dominated by women.

Kane was no different, a favorite colleague to many. Except where others had transitioned from military details, or had endeavors for medical school, Kane was already well-established in the field of techno-pharmaceuticals.

This afternoon was the preliminary hearing at the district court. Jason Shahaman, assistant DA, claimed Kane manipulated a patented QR system to obtain prescriptions for the Black Market. It was the very technology Kane Code & Technology supplied for Mercy County.

True, Norman Kane wrote the program, and had access to the barcode application, which doctors and nurses used to scan and distribute medicine. But anyone on the defendant's shift, who was tech-savvy enough, could repeatedly scan doses and pocket the extras.

Now, I'm at the county coroner's office. Twenty-five, russet-blond "bed-hair", an aesthetic cross between Russell Crowe and Josh Dallas-it was Norman Kane all right. Days before his family's pharmaceutical company went public on the stock exchange.

Who did my client in? Was it a jealous rival from a competing company, or someone closer to the victim, like a greedy uncle after the top position?

And why kill Norman if he truly was guilty of corporate espionage and on the way to the Big House?

Lastly, how does (did) Norman Kane know my mob-boss Uncle Lou?

Stay tuned, because when I find out, you'll find out.


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